foundation stone

“I had in mind to visit this institution for the past few months and I am very happy that it has been realised today. This institution is a living monument of what the enterprise of one single Individual can accomplish.”

 Gandhiji laid the foundation stone of the institute in the year 1928.


Established in the year 1908, The School for the Deaf and Mute Society is one of the oldest organisations working in the field of education and rehabilitation of Persons with Hearing, Speech and Visual Impairment. When education facilities for children with disabilities were not recognised, this institute took the initiative to educate and train Deaf-Mutes as well as students with Visual Impairment. The family of the Deaf and Mute Society is ever expanding and together we work in the field of disability, focusing on the aspects of education and rehabilitation.


The School for the Deaf and Mute Society is a grant-in-aid institution recognised by the State Government and the Social Defence Department. The school has been registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1960 and also under the Bombay Public Trust Act of 1950.

The different departments that run under this umbrella are as follows. 

  • School for the Deaf-Mutes from standard 1 to 7, established in the year 1908.
  • School for the Blind from standard 1 to 12, established in the year 1945.
  • Kalpana- Balmandir for children with hearing, speech and visual impairment, established in the year 1962.
  • Vocational Training: Embroidery Unit for Deaf-Mutes, established in the year 1961.
  • Teacher Training for the Deaf, established in 1961 (enrolment link)
  • Teacher Training for the Blind, established in 1981 (enrolment link)
  • Physiotherapy unit
  • Computer centre